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Deep within the Minho's lush green landscape, straddling both banks of the river Tâmega, lies the picturesque little town of Amarante. The mighty Serra de Marvão provides a suitable natural backdrop to the town's 17th-century traditional houses with wooden balconies and narrow cobbled streets. Originally known as Turdetanos to its Roman founders, Amarante had a name change to honour Governor Amarantus. The town dates back to the 4th century BC. Through time, has borne witness to many invaders and visitors alike.

The towns famous bridge and national monument was built in 1790. It was once a focal point of resistance against French Marshall Soult's soldiers in 1809, the Ponte de São Gonçalo offers the visitor a visual feast including the impressive São Gonçalo Convent, named after the local patron saint, crowned with its red Cupola. It's said that São Gonçalo built the first bridge in the 13th century to give access to his monastery, but it was tragically destroyed by floods in 1763. São Gonçalo's monastery became a church in 1540. Great views can also be found from the restaurants strategically placed along the river banks. They serve some of the best cuisine in the area. Satisfied bellies can be walked off in the leafy park along the bank of the Tãmega and maybe make room for Amarante's famous sweet egg-based delicacies.


Convento de São Gonçalo

|  Convento de São Gonçalo

The most dominant and most beautiful building in Amarante is undoubtedly the Convento de São Gonçalo, its magnificent red Cupola dominating the skyline and its commanding location overlooking the bridge. Construction started in 1540 on the orders of Dom João III and took 40 years to complete. Facing a square next to the monastery is a beautiful Mannerist doorway with high niches containing 17th-century granite statues. Those figures in the foreground represent St. Francis and St. Domingos de Gusmão, whilst in the background can be seen St. Gonçalo, St. Peter the Martyr and St. Thomas Aquinas, all enjoying the protection of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Crowning the collection of statues is the royal coat of arms. São (Saint) Gonçalo is the patron of the town and is famed for being a matchmaker and confidant to the town's maidens who are tired of being single. His limestone tomb is found inside the monastery, and it's believed that touching the tomb helps to bring a speedy marriage (it worked for my wife). Over the centuries, his face, hands and feet have been worn away by those eager to find marital bliss. Also inside the main part of the church is the chapel of Santa Rita Cássia, with its gilded wooden altarpiece and the beautiful eighteenth-century organ supported by three gilded bearded mythological figures.


Inside Amarante Tour

Inside Amarante Tour

Come discover Amarante and let yourself be enveloped by the stories, traditions and flavours that the town has to offer you. Let yourself be immersed in this passionate filled history town. History begins in the stone-age, through the Roman period and the influence of Saint Gonçalo and the French troops during the Napoleonic wars. Amarante itself has a religious image, perhaps for its monumental convent of S. Gonçalo bathed by the bucolic Tâmega River or its majestic baroque churches and its beautiful and magnificent S. Gonçalo bridge. The discovery of great personalities such as Amadeu de Souza-Cardoso, Teixeira de Pascoaes or António do Lago Cerqueira is equally irrefutable. Discover Amarante with a local guide who will be honoured to present you his home.

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Douro Valley Tour (Amarante, Pinhão and Peso da Régua) with Wine Estate visit

Day Trip to Douro (inc. Amarante)

Immerse yourself in the Portuguese countryside during this full-day trip to the Douro. Tread in the footsteps of religious pilgrims at the Monastery of S.Gonçalo, Amarante and the shrine of Our Lady of Remédios. Feast on a delicious lunch overlooking the River Douro. Don’t forget the wine; this region is famous for it! Sip on a local port as you enjoy picturesque views of the surrounding countryside. A full-day sightseeing trip to the Douro Valley. Discover the beauty of historic monasteries. Savour a traditional Portuguese lunch.

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Amarante’s Flavours - Wine, sweets and regional products

Douro Valley Private Premium Tour with Wine Tasting

Escape the hustle and bustle of Porto and visit Portugal's premier wine country, the Douro Valley, on a full-day tour. Alongside a private guide, visit several important villages for a mix of sightseeing and tastings. Enjoy samples of regional sweets, take a boat ride down the Douro River, and learn about the winemaking process at a local estate. Learn about Portugal's winemaking heritage. Feast on a delicious lunch at a local vineyard. Stay connected on the journey with onboard Wi-Fi A private tour means a personalised experience.

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Amarante has its own sub-regional appellation, as part of the Vinho Verde classification (labelled as Vinho Verde DOC, sub-região Amarante). Protected from the influence of the Atlantic and high average altitude, temperatures are higher than other Vinho Verde sub-regions. These conditions favour the cultivation of certain late-ripening varieties: Azal and Avesso (whites) and Amaral and Espadeiro (reds). The soil is granite, like most of the region. The white wines usually present fruity flavours and an alcohol content higher than the regional average.

However, Amarante is famed for its reds since these climatic conditions favour well-matured grapes, particularly from the Vinhão variety, deep in colour and fruity on the palate. Most brands have the characteristic Vinho Verde fizz. This red should be served chilled.


Adega Cooperativa de Amarante

Cabeceiras de Basto | | Website

Caves da Cerca, S.A.

Amarante | | Website

Quinta da Lixa

Celorico de Basto | | Website

Vinho Verde Amarante

|  Caves da Cerca – Amarante Vinho Verde Branco


Amarante Aqua Park

|  Amarante Aqua Park

Parque Aquático Amarante is situated close to the River Tamega, located some 50km West of Porto and a short distance southwest of Amarante. You will find swimming pools for adults and children, incredible toboggans, water slides of various types and a snack bar. The Aqua Park is a great family day out.

June - September, Daily: 10h00 - 19h00
Rua do Tâmega, nº 2245, 4600-909 Fregim, Amarante, Portugal
41° 14' 59.8" N | 08° 06' 28.4" W
+351 255 410 040 |  Website

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Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso Museum

Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso Museum

The Municipal Museum of Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, installed in the Dominican Convent of São Gonçalo, was founded in 1947 by Albano Sardoeira. The museum brings together materials relating to local history and celebrates artists and writers born in Amarante.
Tuesday - Sunday: 10h00 - 12h30/14h00 - 17h30, Sundays & Holidays: CLOSED
Alameda Teixeira de Pascoaes, 4600-011 Amarante, Portugal.
41° 16' 10.5" N | 08° 04' 41.9" W | +351 255 432 006 |  Website

Route Marancinho

Walking routes

The PR1 Route Marancinho runs along for a good part of the journey along the river of the same name. Beginning and ending with the Romanesque church of Gondar, this route of more than four miles (6km) utilises ancestral paths, including a beautiful stretch of the old Roman road. Maps and brochures can be found at the tourist office in Amarante for this route and others, including the Rota de São Bento and the Itinerário da Lameira.

Parque Florestal de Amarante

Parque Florestal de Amarante

Overlooking the Cepelos side of the river Tãmega and occupying more than five hectares is one of the highlights of Amarante. First planted in 1916 on the initiative of António do Lago Cerqueira, the park offers visitors spaces for leisure, hiking and sport. It also hosts thousands of spices of tree and plants.

Rua das Carvalhinhas, 4600-206 Amarante, Portugal.
41° 16' 0.2" N | 08° 4' 53.9" W


Amarante Golf Course

|  Amarante Golf Course

Created in 1997. Amarante's golf course is backdropped by the surrounding natural beauty, two of the highest mountains in Portugal - Marão and Aboboreira, it's hilly topography offers players a challenge. Located in the parish of Fregim four miles (6 Km) from the town of Amarante. The course consists of 18 holes, for a par of 68, over 40 acres and an altitude of 600 metres. The highlights are the fast but undulated greens, which require special attention by players. It comprises seven par 3 holes, eight par 4 holes and three par 5 holes. The site also contains a golf school offering courses and advice for all ages and abilities.
Minimum handicap requirements: men: 36, women: 36

April - September 07h30 - 20h00, October - March 07h30 - 18h00

Contact Details
Sociedade do Golfe de Amarante, S.A. 4600-593 Amarante, Portugal. | 41° 15' 30.7" N | 08° 06' 55.2" W
+351 255 446 060 | |  Website

The Course

Inauguration year:







5030 m


Jorge Santana da Silva


Practice Areas:

Driving Range


Clubs, Buggies (without GPS), Trollys


Individual, Group

Club House:

Shops, Restaurant & Snack

Main Events:



During the first weekend of June in Amarante occurs one of the most bizarre yet colourful and merry festivals of Portugal. The Festival of São Gonçalo has its roots from an ancient ritual of fertility drawn from a pagan source and is a spectacle well worth seeing if you're in the Porto area when it's on. Traditionally during the festival, young and unmarried couples exchange provocative phallic-shaped cakes (bolos de São Gonçalo), symbolising their passion and love. At midnight on the second day of the festival, the skies of Amarante are illuminated by a spectacular firework display. It is the increasingly challenging aim of the organisers to surpass the previous year's spectacle.

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The Festival of São Gonçalo
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Hotel Casa da Calçada

Hotel Casa da Calçada ★ ★ ★ ★

Located in Amarante within a majestic landscape and an entire idyllic scenery that inspires its discovery. Declared by the Portuguese Government as a building of high architectonical, historical and cultural relevance, its neo-classical elements in a romantic atmosphere. Inviting travelling to the past in a homelike and welcoming ambience.

Largo do Paço, 6, 4600-017 Amarante, Portugal.
41° 16 06.0" N | 08° 04' 41.1" W | +351 255 410 830 |

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Quinta De Ribas

Quinta De Ribas

Hotel Quinta de Ribas is located on the edge of the quaint mountain village of Vila Chã Do Marao, in a magnificent mountainous region only a few kilometres from Amarante and only 60km from Porto International Airport. Quinta de Ribas is an ideal setting for a family holiday, with its warm and friendly atmosphere. Guests who stay at the house can use the communal farmhouse kitchen and living/dining room. A tennis court is available and use of the swimming pool.

Quinta de Ribas - Vila Chã Do Marao, 4600 - 801 Amarante, Portugal.
41° 17' 24.7" N | 08° 01' 37.9" W | +351 255 422 113

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Hotel Navarras

Hotel Navarras ★ ★ ★ ★

Hotel Navarras is located within the suburbs of Amarante and close to Ponte de São Gonçalo and Igreja de São Gonçalo, and within a 40 minute reach of Porto. Hotel Navarras by Tamega Clube is 400 yards from the Tâmega River. It offers air-conditioned rooms and has a terrace with panoramic views. Hotel Navarras' rooms have modern wood furnishings and a private bathroom. They come equipped with a TV and a telephone. Some rooms feature a balcony with panoramic views.

Rua António Carneiro, 4600-049 Amarante, Portugal.
41° 16' 04.2" N | 08° 04' 27.1" W | +351 255 431 036

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Confeitaria da Ponte

Confeitaria da Ponte

A great little bakery, patisserie selling freshly made sweets, cakes and other naughty, yet very tasty, things. There is a terrace overlooking Amarante famous bridge and offers spectacular vistas to accompany your coffee and pastry (or two). Their range of local and national pastries is huge and Confeitaria da Ponte since opening in 1930 has earned a nationwide reputation as the place to visit in Amarante.

Daily: 08h30 - 20h00
Rua 31 de Janeiro, Amarante 4600-043, Portugal.
41º 16' 07.1" N | 08º 04' 35.0" W
+351 258 742 754 |  Website

Filhos de Moura

Filhos de Moura

In a village, a ten-minute drive North of Amarante is the wonderful small family restaurant, Filhos de Moura. Their menu is fairly basic as they prefer to specialise in what they're good at, and that is Leitão - roasted piglet cooked in a wood fire stove, served succulent and tender with a slightly spicy sauce. Try it with a Tavora - Varosa Espumante sparkling wine and take a taxi, it's well worth the effort and it won't hurt your wallet.

Tuesday - Saturday: 10h00 - 15h00/19h30 - 23h30, Sunday: 10h00 - 16h30, Monday: CLOSED
Rua de Sao Pedro n 575, Aboim, Amarante, 4600-065, Portugal.
41° 17' 38.6" N | 08° 06' 04.5" W
+351 969 683 779 |  Website

Restaurante Quinta do Outeiro

Restaurante Quinta do Outeiro

Quinta do Outeiro first opened in April 2008, with an indoor capacity for 65 people and a terrace for about 140 more. Magnificent views overlooking the River Tamega and Serra do Marao.

Daily: 12h00 - 15h00/19h00 - 22h00
Outeiro de Baixo, São Gonçalo, 4600-222 Amarante, Portugal.
41° 16'' 04.1" N | 08° 05' 36.4" W
+351 255 010 092

Amarante is 39 miles (63km) from Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport PORTO. Website


Only 40 minutes from Porto along the A4. There are two exits for Amarante, clearly marked: Amarante West leads the area S. Lázaro and Santa Luzia, Amarante-East leads to the area of ​​Queimado, Murtas and São Gonçalo.

Latitude - 41° 16' 10.56" N Longitude - 08° 04' 42.44" W


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Sadly trains no longer go to Amarante.

• Amarante is served by a bus station, located between the roads rua dos Combatentes do Ultramar and the estrada municipal 570. The are no direct connections from the airport rather via the centre of Porto with Rodonorte. Companies operating in Amarante are:
• Rodonorte: A coach company servicing North & Central Portugal Website There are regular buses from Porto to Amarante for €7.40 each way.
• Transdev: Website
• Rede Expressos: Website Services from various towns including Braga, Bragança, Coimbra, Porto, Valença and many others to Ponte de Lima.