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Beja was already an important settlement when the Romans arrived here in 48 BC and named the town Pax Julia by Julius Caesar. Beja continues to be the centre of commerce and authority, in the Baixo (lower) Alentejo. Its commanding location overlooking the plains below has witnessed many invaders who each, in turn, have left their mark. As with many other Portuguese medieval towns, Beja's encircling defensive walls still stand. The walls or "Muralhas" have seven gates or "portas"; Évora, Aviz, Mórtola, Aljustrel, Moura, São Sisenando and Corredoura. Once inside the old town, one is treated to narrow streets lined with whitewashed old buildings, covered arcades and charming squares.


Beja Cathedral

|  Beja Cathedral

Opposite the castle in the Largo do Lidador square lies the Cathedral or Sé of Beja. Its mundane Mannerist façade betrays the splendour that awaits you inside. It was commissioned by Archbishop Teotónio de Bragança and designed by Jorge Rodrigues. Constructed was completed in 1590. Within the ornately decorated interior, you can find a gold guilted retable in the main chapel carved by master Manuel João da Fonseca in 1696-97.

Here too, you will discover an altar painting of St. Joseph by André Reinoso. There is a wonderful set of 18th-century azulejos found in the chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Conception. Following its elevation to Cathedral status in the 1930s, it underwent a series of restorations, including the main façade and the transplanting of several pieces of sacred art from disused convents in Lisbon.

Rua Dr. Aresta Branco 7, 7800-266 Beja, Portugal | 38° 1' 01.2" N | 07° 51' 52.2" W
+351 284 323 159


Dominating the skyline for miles around is the castle's distinctive crenellated keep (Torre de Menagem), a great landmark to head straight to and get your bearings. This impressive donjon was constructed in 1310 under the order of King Dom Dinis and is made entirely out of granite and marble. At 40 metres tall, it's believed to be the tallest in the Iberian Peninsula. 198 steps will lead you to the top. Perched on its vantage point the views from the top are breathtaking. The tower and the surrounding ramparts stand on top of the remains of a Roman fortress or Castellum. After a sustained period of fighting between the Moors and the combined Christian armies of Portugal and Castile, the structure required major rebuilding.

The walls surrounding the keep and its four corner turrets still contain remnants of the Roman fort. The Portas de Évora gate on the castle's eastern flank contains a Roman arch consisting of large voussoirs and a face carved into the vertex block. It's believed to have been built between the 3rd and the 4th centuries. The flagstones that run under the Arco Romano was once part of a Roman path. The square in front of the castle is named after Gonçalo Mendes da Maia or O Lidador, a brave knight who died during the battle against the Moors in 1170. Also found within the castle walls is a Tourism Office that also houses an exhibition room. The castle is open during the day, every day, and admission is free.

Beja Castle

|  Beja Castle


Convento da Conceição & Museu Regional de Beja

|  Convento da Conceição & Museu Regional de Beja

This impressive 15th-century building maintains many Manueline embellishments, such as its elaborate portals, window surrounds along with balustrades and pinnacles at roof level. The convent was founded in the latter half of the 15th Century under the wishes of Infantes Dom Fernando, the first Duke of Beja, and his wife, Dona Beatriz, who later became the parents of Queen Dona Leonor and the future King Dom Manuel I. The interior is marvellously ornate such as the highly gilded Rococo chapel which is embellished with flying cherubs. The cloisters are richly adorned with sixteenth and seventeenth-century azulejo tiles and are considered some of Portugal's finest.

Following the dissolution of the monasteries in Portugal, all religious buildings were nationalised in 1834. Today, however, it is the perfect location for the regional museum. Besides the room displaying the coats of arms, the present building also features the painting rooms, which house the museum’s painting collection, which spans a period between the 15th and 18th Centuries. On the first floor is the Fernando Nunes Ribeiro's archaeological exhibition containing treasures from the Roman, Visigoth, Arab, and Medieval epochs.

Tuesday – Sunday: 09h30 – 12h30/14h00 – 17h15, Monday: CLOSED
Adult: €2.00, Concessionary: €1.00
Largo da Conceição 7800–131 Beja, Portugal. | 38º 00’ 50.8" N | 07º 51’ 49.2" W
+351 284 323 351 | | Website


4-Day South Portugal Tour from Lisbon: Lagos, Algarve Coast, Sagres, Évora, Beja and Setúbal

Four-Day South Portugal Tour from Lisbon
Lagos, Algarve Coast, Sagres, Évora, Beja and Setúbal

Explore southern Portugal’s most epic landmarks on this immersive four-day trip, departing from Lisbon by coach. With the help of your expert guide, tour the charismatic villages of Sagres, Évora, Lagos, Beja and Setúbal. While many travellers spend their time in Portugal's famous cities, get a dose of the laid-back and beautiful south on this trip. Go with your guide to Sé de Évora Cathedral and St Francis Church in UNESCO World Heritage-listed Évora, and discover the São Vicente Fortress in Sagres. Stroll picturesque countrysides and enjoy time on your own. Admire the stunning views of the dramatic Algarve coast, including the Ponta da Piedade cliff, Praia da Rocha beach in Portimão, and Serra da Arrábida Natural Park on this unforgettable hassle-free getaway. Transport by comfortable, air-conditioned coach. Three nights of accommodation in a superior-class hotel and three breakfasts are included.

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Alentejo Wine Tour from the Algarve

Alentejo Wine Tour from the Algarve

Known for its natural beauty and excellent wine scene, Alentejo is a region worth discovering—and this full-day, private tour from the Algarve makes exploring simple. Following pickup from your hotel, head into the countryside and admire the scenery as you go. Over the course of the day, you’ll enjoy tours and tastings at two of Alentejo’s highlight wineries. In between, you’ll also enjoy a restorative, traditional meal at a local restaurant.

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Four Days in South of Portugal

Four Days in South of Portugal

Join this four-day guaranteed departure tour and discover the history and natural beauty of Portugal through the country’s medieval-walled cities, authentic villages, and fantastic natural parks. We begin this memorable Portuguese adventure in the bustling capital, Lisbon and drive southwards until we arrive in Évora, a captivating UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the narrow streets, visit its main landmarks, and indulge in the Portuguese cuisine at the local market. We continue the tour with visiting sunny Algarve, where you can discover charming Sagres and the cosmopolitan city of Lagos. Then, prepare yourself for a spectacular route over the Arrabida Mountain Range a Natural Park with magnificent scenery and uncommon vegetation, located at the gates of Lisbon, our final destination.

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Local tradition states that this hermitage dedicated to Saint Andrew (Santo André) was founded by King Sancho I to commemorate the taking of Beja from the moors in 1162. It is located on the road to Lisbon a few minutes north-west from the very centre of town. Its Gothic-Mudejar styled exterior dates from the 15th century and now is a National Monument. The hermitage sports a distinctive red-tiled narthex, whitewashed walls and a bell tower. The cone top spires and battlements look a little military in nature. It is believed they commemorate the taking of Beja from the Moors in 1162.

Rua de Lisboa 74, 7800-292 Beja, Portugal.
37° 59' 51.18" N | 07° 56' 55.9" W

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Ermida de Santo André

|  Ermida de Santo André


Casa de Santa Vitória

|  Casa de Santa Vitória

Herdade da Mingorra

|  Herdade da Mingorra

Herdade Dos Grous

|  Herdade Dos Grous

The city of Beja lies South of Alentejo's demarcated sub-region of Vidigueira, most famed for its production of high-quality wines. This southern province is hotter and drier than the more traditional wine-producing regions. Over the last few decades, this area has attracted a new breed of winemakers eager to answer nature's challenge.

Casa de Santa Vitória

With a total of 1620 ha, this is an environment that is unique within all of Portugal, with a recreational infrastructure ideal for enjoying the best the Alentejo has to offer. Here you can follow the production process, visit the vineyards and winery. Taste wines while enjoying a unique lifestyle in an environment that is relaxed, dynamic and in touch with nature.

This active wine tourism, suitable for the whole family, is supplemented by other country leisure activities available provided by the Vila Galé Country Club Rural Hotel, located 150 metres from the winery.

Monday – Saturday: 11h30 & 16h00, Sunday: 11h30
Casa de Santa Vitória Sociedade Agro-Industrial, SA, Herdade da Malhada 7800 - 730 Santa Vitória, Portugal.
37° 53' 45.3" N | 08° 01' 39.2" W | +351 284 970 170 | Website

Herdade da Mingorra

A few Kilometres out of Beja, there are vineyards with decades of history. Henrique Uva has preserved some of these, which he has been developing and making profitable, as an independent producer. In 2004, his dream has come true with the project named Henrique Uva / Herdade da Mingorra. The wine cellar is properly fitted in 1.400 ha of scenery that becomes exuberant in its diversity of flora and fauna, with several hydrological basins that look like an authentic oasis. It is a place where modernity and functionality coexist in an indelible way with the most traditional techniques.

At Herdade da Mingorra you can do wine tasting, have lunch, visit the winery, and so much more. Come and see how the winery works during harvest, and taste some of the wines still in barrels. Make a visit to the vineyard, and learn how to identify a grape variety, just by looking at the leaves!

Monday - Saturday: 11h00, 12h00, 15h00 & 16h00, Sunday: 11h30
Herdade da Mingorra, Trindade, 7800-761, Beja, Portugal.
37° 53' 03.9" N | 07° 53' 37.5" W | +351 284 952 004 | Website

Herdade dos Grous

Wine tourism at Herdade dos Grous is one of their main focus and they're keen to share their enthusiasm and knowledge of the art of wine making. They offer guided tours of the vines and to the winery. Wine tasting is offered at their designated bar, and there is also a restaurant at hand, as well as their well stocked shop.

Daily: 09h30 - 18h30
Herdade dos Grous Lda, 7800-601 Albernôa, Beja, Portugal.
37° 51' 27.7" N | 07° 57' 26.0" W | +351 284 960 000 | Website


Capela de Santo Amaro & the Visigoth Museum

Capela de Santo Amaro & the Visigoth Museum

Not many buildings from the Visigoth era, who occupied Iberia after the Romans until the Moors invaded in the eighth century. The small whitewashed chapel of Capela de Santo Amaro stands in the shadow of the castle close to the Roman Évora Gate. The original parts of this chapel date back to the end of the 5th century and is a fine example of Paleo-Christian architecture. Inside the Roman, Basilica styled interior one can find columns carved with seventh-century geometric motifs.

It is most fitting then this was the location chosen by the Beja Regional Museum to house a Visigoth exhibition. This valuable collection was put together by various archaeologists, including Abel Viana. The museum encompasses pieces from the 5th to the 8th century. The collection highlights the changes in architecture and style that transpired during the transition from Roman to Visigoth domination. The basilica underwent various changes in the 16th and 17th centuries, hence the interesting gothic and Mannerist features it now displays..
Tuesday – Sunday: 09h30 – 12h30/14h00 – 17h15, Monday: CLOSED
Largo se Santo Amaro, 7800-282, Beja, Portugal.
38° 01' 03.1" N | 07° 51' 58.4" W | +351 284 323 351

Núcleo Museológico da Rua do Sembrano

Núcleo Museológico da Rua do Sembrano

Archaeological finds dating from the Iron Age unearthed during building work during the 1980s triggered a spate of excavation and now can be viewed through the glass floor of this museum. The remains on display include Roman walls of a structure that must have been of great importance during its day. The structure was designed by the architect Fernando Sequeira Mendes and includes a large tile panel by the artist Rogário Ribeiro.

Wednesday – Sunday: 09h45 – 12h30/14h00 – 18h15
Rua do Vale 7, 1200-472, Lisbon, Portugal.
38º 00' 50.6" N | 07º 51' 52.5" W | +351 284 311 920

Museu Jorge Vieira/Casa das Artes

Museu Jorge Vieira/Casa das Artes

The museum was established in 1995 following the donation of part of the work of the sculptor Jorge Vieira, one of the leading exponents of Portuguese sculpture in the 20th Century. The museum has a permanent exhibition, with part of Jorge Vieira’s collection, and a temporary exhibition programme in the field of the fine arts, covering various artists, artistic languages and themes.

Tuesday – Saturday: 10h00 – 12h30/14h30 – 18h30
Castelo - Casa do Governador, Largo Dr. Lima Faleiro - 7800-266 Beja, Portugal.
38° 00' 51.5" N | 07° 51' 50.5" W


Pousada Convento de Beja

Pousada Convento de Beja

A restored 13th century Franciscan Convent is now the impressive Pousada of Beja located in the heart of the historic centre. The Pousada has retained many of the original features of the conventÿµs 800 year history, the spacious rooms and high ceilings provides relief from the hot Alentejan summer sun. The rooms are located in the converted monkÿµs cells which, a little small, have lots of character. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning/heating, minibar, bathrobes, hairdryer, safe, telephone, cable TV and internet access. Largo Dom Nuno Álvares Pereira, 7801-901, Beja, Portugal.
38º 00" 46.8' N | 07º 51"40.3' W

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Hospedaria Dona Maria

Hospedaria Dona Maria

Ideally located a stone's throw away from the historic centre of Beja, close to cafés, restaurants, shops and the sights. Residents can also take advantage of the excellent restaurant on site which serves a number of great local specialties. All rooms are en-suite with full amenities such as air-conditioning. cable TV, desk, wardrobe and free Wi-Fi. There's a communal lounge available to all. The staff are very helpful, welcoming and keen to provide useful hints about Beja and the surrounding area.
Largo Dom Nuno Álvares Pereira 12, 7800-018 Beja, Portugal.
38º 00" 47.5' N | 07º 51"38.3' W

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Hotel Bejense

Hotel Bejense ★ ★ ★

Small, cosy, a little quirky and brightly decorated the Bejense is also centrally located, only a 15 minute stroll away. Each room is uniquely decorated with floral patterns and colourful wall hangings. They are fully equipped, free Wi-Fi and come with en-suite bathrooms. Theres a lounge with TV, wood beams on the ceiling and a large fireplace. The brightly lit breakfast room is where guests can enjoy their morning meal. Smiles at the reception go on for 24 hours a day. Bike rental and laundry service is also available. A stay here is a cosy experience and surprisingly good value.

Rua Capitão João Francisco De Sousa 57, 7800-691 Beja, Portugal.
38º 00" 45.7' N | 07º 51"46.4' W

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Restaurante Adega Típica 25 de Abril

Restaurante Adega Típica 25 de Abril

In contrast to the street outside stepping through the door of this friendly restaurant you're comforted with it's nice decor adorned with regional curiosities. The smiles that greet you are large yet the food portions are larger, so take your appetite. The food is well presented and very flavoursome. Their veal dishes are very popular and even though the restaurant can be busy at times the atmosphere remains relaxing and cosy. If you have room their deserts are of equally high standards.

Tuesday - Sunday: 11h00 – 22h00, Monday: CLOSED
Rua da Moeda 23, Beja, 7800-464, Portugal.
38º 00' 52.7" N | 07º 51' 55.8" W | +351 289 325 960 | Website

Casa de Chá Maltesinhas

Casa de Chá Maltesinhas

A charming family-owned tearoom serves delicious regional pastries including Pasteis de Touchinho, pão de rala and Doces Conventuais hand baked on the premises. Many of the recipes were created by nuns from the convents before being passed down through local families. A large selection of teas and infusions are available as well as home made liquors.

Monday - Saturday: 09h00 – 19h30, Sunday: CLOSED
Rua dos Açoutados 12, 7800 Beja, Portugal.
38º 03' 23.9" N | 07º 59' 10.3" W | +351 284 321 500

Sabores do Campo

Sabores do Campo

A welcomed break from the meat-based menus found in the majority of the restaurants in the Alentejo. The dishes on offer are sold as a buffet, you pay per weight of your selection. Eat-in or take away. Delights include stuffed mushrooms, oven-baked enchiladas, cabbage-wrapped soya sausage, vegetarian lasagna and honey-drizzled filo pastry filled with goat’s-milk cheese and walnuts. There's also a selection of fresh juices available and cookies, cakes and desserts to finish your dining experience.

Daily: 12h00 - 21h30
Rua Bento de Jesus Caraça 4, Beja 7800-511 Portugal.
38 °00' 39.7" N | 07° 51' 33.9" W | +351 284 320 267

The nearest international airport is Beja Airport around five miles northwest of Beja. Sadly Beja airport never took-off commercially and there are no scheduled passenger flights. The two best options are Faro or Lisbon:
Faro airport is 91 miles (146 km) South of Beja. Faro
Lisbon airport is 109 miles (175 km) North West of Beja Lisbon


Beja is ideally serviced by two major highways that intersect here, the IP2 runs north to Lisbon and south towards the Algarve, and the IPB which runs east towards Serpa and onwards to Spain and west towards the coast and an alternative route to Lisbon. Latitude - 38º 03' 23.9" | Longitude - 07º 59' 10.3"


Intercity train (comboios Intercidades) services Beja's train station from Lisbon and Évora.
• Linha do Alentejo Timetable
Trains of Portugal Website

Rodoviária do Alentejo run coach services all over the Alentejo and beyond, linking the region to major cities within Central and Southern Portugal, including coaches to Évora and Estremoz: Website